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The Law Office of Margaret C. Blanco, LLC is one of the few law firms in the state of New Jersey that focuses solely on real estate transactions. The office currently handles home purchases, home sales, short sales, refinances, purchases of new construction, and purchases of bank owned properties or foreclosures.

Most attorneys who practice in the area of real estate do not do it on a full-time basis and often spend their days in court or tending to non real estate matters that take them out of the office for a large part of each day. The Law Office of Margaret C. Blanco does not take that approach, since we believe that to keep a real estate transaction running smoothly, an attorney needs to be available for their clients, the real estate agents, and the opposing parties’ counsel. We understand the importance of an open line of communication, which is why our clients have access to our office 24 hours a day – via email, office, and/or cell phone.

If you are in the market to purchase or sell a home, please contact us for a free consultation. There are issues that we should discuss before you enter into a contract that, depending on the circumstances, might not adequately protect your interests.

Finally, if you are in financial trouble and believe that you may need to "short sell" your property, please contact us for a free consultation. We have extensive experience in handling short sales negotiations. Unfortunately, there are too many companies claiming to be short sale "experts" without having the knowledge or expertise to back up such claims. Without an experienced negotiator to guide you through the short sale process, many short sales never make it to the closing table. At the Law Office of Margaret C. Blanco, we have developed a thorough understanding of what information and documentation the lenders are seeking and an effective technique for providing it to them in a manner that helps to facilitate the short sale process.

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